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Template Windows Event Log
Log Name Application
Type Error
Source Userenv
Event ID 1097
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Revision 4
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Contains Resolution:
End user experience with this error was slow logons and roaming profile issues.  Often users would receive a temporary profile.  Logging off and back on serveral times occuationally fixed the profile issue.

Our resolution was adding an unassigned subnet to a site.  Users were not connecting to thier local Domain Controller causing potential authentication failures.

This error was accompanied by other errors such as Group Policy (event id 1030).

userenv.log also contained the following entries:

- ProcessGPOs: OpenThreadToken failed with error 1008, assuming thread is not impersonating

- PolicyChangedThread: UpdateUser failed with 6

- GetUserDNSDomainName: Failed to impersonate user

- ImpersonateUser: Failed to impersonate user with 5

- LoadUserProfile: Failed to enable the restore privilege. error = c0000061

- LoadUserProfile: Returning FALSE. Error = 1314

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