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Template General
Log Name Microsoft-Windows-Backup/Operational
Type Error
Source Backup
Entry ID 5
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Our daily backup of System State randomly fails the first attempt.  The automated event handler is configured to retry 1 hour later up to 3 times.  It is typically successful on the first retry, but occatinoally requires a second retry. We have tried changing the time of day we run the backup but experience the same results.

This is occuring on our Windows 2008 virtual servers.  Some servers do not have any failures, some have occasional failures, and in a few cases, they fail nearly every daily.

The event log error is: Event ID 5, Backup started at '<date/time>' failed with following error code '2155348165'.

Command used:wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:f: -quiet

Backup command fails with the following error: There was a failure in preparing the backup image of one of the volumes in the backup set.

Failed to format media.

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