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Template General
Log Name CBS.log
Type Error
Source CBS
Entry ID 0x800719e4
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Posts: 41

Revision 2
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Found this error in c:\windows\logs\CBS\cbs.log after multiple failed attempts to install Desktop Experience on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server.

Microsoft Analyst stated that 0x800719e4 translates to ERROR_LOG_FULL. The log space referred to here is not the available disk space but the size of the log file for this feature installation.

Steps to resolve provided by Microsoft Analyst:

- Delete all files from <%SystemRoot%\System32\config\TxR> with extension .BLF and .REGTRANS-MS and restart the server. You may have to show hidden/system files to get a list of all files with extension .BLF and .REGTRANS-MS.

- Then, Install the Desktop Experience feature.

NOTE: some files were in use and could not be deleted.  Leave those and continue with reinstalling.

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5/27/2010The information provided was very accurate.

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